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About me!





2011-2014 Jungwon High School

2014-2016 Ecole De Patisserie De Tokyo ( Tokyo Japan)

2020-2022 VCAD (Vancouver BC)



Illustrator/ Photoshop/InDesign/Procreate/Adobe Animate/Adobe XD


I was a child who had been wandering abroad for a long time. I lived around various countries depending on my mother's job. Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Canada are the longest-stay countries. Through this experience, I once went to Japan as an exchange student.

I became interested in foreign languages to speak English, Korean, and Japanese.


My personality is warmhearted, affectionate, and hurtful. And although I am picky, I am not severe, and once I get close, I am active. And I like people. The disadvantage is that I like people too much, and I am used to loneliness. I'm a person who can't forget the pain well.


I thought of becoming a graphic designer after I was interested in designing my mother's restaurant logo or packaging. I've been interested in drawing since I was young, but the idea of design has been since I was in the first year of middle school.  Since then, I have produced university posters, festival-related designs, dessert designs, friend music album covers, and friend performance brochures.

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