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Character design: Ppodong-e

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

The character’s name is Ppodong-e, which comes from the word chubby. This pig character is inspired by one of the zodiac animals and is designed for emoticons. The birth of this character came to mind when Amber’s mother complained about the use of emoticons. Surprisingly, according to the data, when people buy emoticons, they think that money is a waste or that there is no need to buy them. No matter how cute the character is, it is purchased to use it, but it shows many complaints about using only three to five of the 30 characters. So, found the words and expressions that people used often and designed them based on them. Furthermore, we designed it so that they could explain it only with pictures. For example, it is possible to substitute for an emoticon that is eating rather than writing that it is eating. The age available is for all ages, but the target audience ages 25 to 35.


The highlighted part of the pig sketch is the pink circle on the cheek and the white heart. This idea was designed based on my mom, and I use a lot of heart shapes. It is a simple design, but I think it has a significant impact. Also, the reason why I dyed my body white is that pink pigs are too familiar, and also because my mother is a white pig band. The zodiac animals all appear in different colours that year, and in 1971, the pig’s zodiac sign was white, so the character’s colour is white.


It was based on the most frequently used words or actions in the character’s design. According to the data survey, basic greeting examples include ‘Hi,’ ‘Thank you, ‘Don’t mention it,’ and ‘Bye-bye .’Another is what we often feel. For example, ‘tired’, ‘tired’, ‘sleepy’, ‘hungry’, ‘eating’, ‘going to work’, ‘going home, ‘working late’, etc. There are also signs of surprise. For example, ‘Whoa?!,’ ‘Really?!’, ‘Great!!!’ etc. In this way, we designed the things that people often use in their daily lives. These are full shots, but they may come out from their shoulder to head when I make emoticons. For example, if it is ‘yeah~!’, it is possible to express it only with the upper body without showing the lower body.



It will show an example of this illustration with a character and a background, and when making stickers or postcards, it shows that it is possible to print by designing in this way. Illustration can be designed for birthday cards or seasonally. For example, cherry blossoms in spring and sunflowers and the sea in summer.





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