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Husk - Game application

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

This game application is working with Janice Hui in VCAD.

Program: Adobe XD / Adobe photoshop/ Adobe InDesign/ Adobe illustrator / Procreate


Experiential mobile App for original board game “Werewolf”

Project objectives:

Mobile interface, advertising and website landing page for a new mobile game app “Husk”, a board game that is originally called “Werewolf”. The objective is to make a game app for this board game that is immersive and have storytelling and role-playing elements, different from existing apps with similar market offering. The lore, visuals and background story should help players be more immersed and imagine they are inside the story and act out the characters, enhancing the dynamic of the game experience and players’ interaction.

Target audience:

1. Young adults who like games with background/story and role-playing games

2. Young adults who know about the board game

3. Young adults who like short games so they can work


1. Interface x 4 (home page, in-game x2, tutorial)

2. App store preview page

3. Landing page

4. Advertising – 3 Instagram ads

5. Character illustrations

6. Icons x 12



MAIN CHARACTER (PLAYER) Regarding the design of characters, in the 80s and 90s, in the Middle Ages,

Girls: The fabrics of the 1980s were unquestionably velour, spandex, and Lycra, with comfortable cotton and natural silk also popular. Severely tailored military -style suits and jackets with padded shoulders were worn side-by- side with printed t-shirts, velvet tracksuits , and baggy harem pants or leg-gings.

Man: Wear either blue jeans or denim overalls, but avoid skinny, embellished or torn jeans. Choose slightly flared legs boot style if wearing cowboy boots. Put on a checkered, short-sleeve shirt, a T-shirt or a long-sleeve, plaid flannel shirt.




Healer, Seer and the werewolf.

  1. Healer

DEER FOREST: HEALER Healers serve as facilitators and counsellors to help patients heal them- selves. Healers use stories, humour, music, tobacco, smudging, and cere- monies to bring healing energies into the healing space and focus their effects. The healing process also goes beyond the individual patient.

HEALER OUTFITS The healer’s outfit is motive by the monastic uniforms worn by nuns in the convent. The colour was from the colour of gowns worn by modern doctors. Also, the potions healer has been inspired by the test tub that scientists use to experiment.

2. Seer


A seer is a person who prophesies future events; prophet: Industry seers predicted higher profits. A person endowed with profound moral and spirit- ual insight or knowledge, a wise person or sage who possesses intuitive powers. A reputed person has remarkable powers of divination, like a crystal gazer or palmist. Healers serve as facilitators and counselors to help patients heal themselves. Healers use stories, humor, music, tobacco, smudging, and ceremonies to bring healing energies into the healing space and focus their effects. The healing process also goes beyond the individual patient.

SEER OUTFITS Seer’s outfit was motive by the fortune-teller’s cloak and Chador, Muslims wrap around their heads.

3. Werewolf


WEREWOLF: Through wolves, Eurasia and North America took the motifs of basic myths and cosmology from wolves (spread in the historical habitats of gray wolves). The wolf’s apparent characteristic, predation, was strongly related to dangerous and destructive things in response to its essence, sym- bolizing warriors. On the other hand, it symbolized demons.

Unlike the full moon in the East, which symbolizes abundance and prosperity, in the West, the moon often means an ominous sign. In particular, there is a story that when the full moon rises on Wednesday or Friday, the person who slept under the moonlight becomes a werewolf. It is also said that the wolf looks at the moon at night and makes a long cry because of its gloomy and ominous energy. Therefore, all Western ghost stories, such as a werewolf who suddenly turned into a wolf, are set in the full moon. Vampires, which suck human blood, also go out to find hunting on the day of the full moon, and it is the full moon that hangs in the sky behind Dracula Castle because it is only the moon.

The program : Procreate/ Photoshop (AMBER)


This is our logo design. Do you know the Harry potter The Deathly Hallows symbol (– a vertical line and circle enclosed by a triangle – represents three legendary Harry Potter artifacts: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility. The Masonic Square and Compasses symbol forms a similar triangular shape.) ? I had an idea with that and the background of the game is a forest, so, I put the tree brunches.


After the app is downloaded, the player opens the app and sees the logo. They will go through a storyline. The story begins with the player finding themselves as a beast hunter, in the forest during daytime. The player is doing their daily routine, looking for prey. They find a dead body who is severely torn apart, and try to catch the beast by placing beast traps hoping to hunt it down. The second day, the player goes back to the forest and finds another dead body. The beast trap did not work, so he decided to go into the forest alone. The first night the player will meet seer, and another night they will meet other characters. The story will be unveiled bit by bit and catches the werewolf at the end.

After they go through the story, players will be brought back to home. The player can choose to go through the game. After the player clicks the hunt button, this screen will appear, where they choose difficulty level. The player will be assigned a random role, then players will start off at nighttime. The players will perform the function, and during daytime, they will vote out the suspect. The game’s basic objective is to find all werewolves among villagers before all players are killed. Players would need to detect manipulation dur- ing daytime when they discuss, in order to vote out the suspect. Out of game, players can also customize their avatars.


The icons was motive by Celtic. We put the geometirc shape to make the icon. The icons are inspired by celtic and cave symbols, simple and geomet- ric, to match the triangular symbol of the logo design. The final set of symbols are thin, and chalk-like, to convey a mysterious old village with old traditions.


1ST DAY: In the X realm forest, you were a beast hunter who was just doing your daily routine, looking for prey. You found a dead body. The dead body was severely torn apart, and you cannot even recognize who he/she is. You decided to put down some beast traps in the forest.

2ND DAY: You went back to the forest and found a new dead body. You find it sus- picious and the beast trap did not work. You decide to explore at night alone.

2ND NIGHT: As you walk in the forest, you met a seer who is also around the area. You guys discussed and think that the body was torn by werewolves, as there were many in the mountainous area.

3RD DAY: You met a healer in the forest and saw him patching up a townsman. The healer told you that he was severely injuired. The injured townsman says he was attacked by a pack of wolves at night. The wolves left after they saw fire held by the healer.

3RD NIGHT: (The story continues with main character meeting more characters and unveils the backstory)

BACKSTORY: Werewolves became aggressive because people were exploiting baby wolves skins for money as they were really soft, good for clothing, and interior decorations. They were used and exploited by people...secret underground black market that farms baby werewolves.




This Map shows a worldview and join the clan and go into each place to their lobbies of each clan.


DEER FOREST: Where many healers chose to dwell as it is a easier place to collect medicinal herbs.

GRANNUS DESERT: Where seers gather, they share information with each other and hideout place. Grannus is A Celtic god of spas, healing thermal and mineral springs, and of the sun.

ALABASTER MOUNTAIN: Where the wolf clan lives. Because it is too cold in the mountains, they do not often get visitors. Alabaster is a mineral or rock that is soft, often used for carving, and is processed for plaster powder




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