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Updated: Mar 31, 2022


Journalize is a mental wellness diary app, designed taking in consideration of people who are experiencing the feeling of isolation and emotions that are not resolved, especially at this time where Covid is still impacting the society in many ways. The app’s central idea revolves around where people’s emo- tions and feelings are like streams, but eventually converge into a river, where feelings are shared, connected and understood, and at the end it goes into the ocean, uniting as a whole that could turn into power. The app is designed to help people organize their thoughts and feelings, and sharing them to people who may have experienced similar things and share compassion.


Hopeful, Positive Thin weight makes it positive, contemporary connected to the world, and psychologically lighter, and overall a sense of freedom. We chose a font that is clean, simple and has enough spacing, that makes people feel the freedom and openness, which is what our app is about, to express and think freely. The name journalize means turning our experience and bits and pieces of our lives into a journal. The plane symbolizes sending messages across, and also freedom, where people let go of themselves and inner feelings when they write them down. Here is the site map of the app. Where we will present to you the flow later, and a user flow journey from the start screen to creating a journal entry, to publishing the entry is thought out and executed for our interface designs.


At the beginning, Amber and I recorded and brainstormed an empathy map, to get as much ideas out as possible by thinking in our audience’s shoe. It is important for any behavioural designs, and this prevents anything we may miss and be as careful as possible when designing the app. Some points that we covered are that we sometimes explain to friends about our problems but they may not understand fully how we feel. Or, people like sharing in insta- gram and social media platforms, but the community or the environment is not sensitive enough to share feelings. Things like that. Program: Figma


The illustrations design is simple and monochromatic. They are designed to be a commonly used visuals that people are familiar with, because common things make people feel calm, so users can focus on writing and thinking. The themes are also about nature, which express a sense of security and comfort.

Program : Illustrator


After the animation, users will login and be greeted by a screen where they rate their mood and type a description of their feeling. That will lead them to the home page, where it gives them today’s task, like milestones, so they can write down their thoughts and feelings throughout the day. For example, the user chooses to note down their thoughts by writing. There is an option to do it freestyle or by prompts, if the user feels like their mind is empty or needs some guidance on their thought process. After they finished writing, they can choose to save, where they have a choice to lock their diary or save to more albums, or, they can publish their diary to the estuary (which is to their close friends), or to the ocean (which is to the world/public, but it will publish it anonymously to protect user’s identity and information). Let’s say it published to the estuary, users can like, comment and see views. From the estuary, players can head to public posts, to the ocean. And to prevent users posting hate or unappropriate contents, users can flag the post, which would be reported to the organizers. In the ocean, users can also add or message the anonymous users, but the person receiving the message will have the power to carry through the conversation and add them. Their identity will not be revealed beforehand. Players can also head to past entries to view their previous posts, and it is sorted by weekly, in a calendar, and users’ albums. This is the message section where players can reply and carry through conversations.




The icons are rounded to match the logo design, and appear more friendly to users. Icons for journal types are retro and designed to have a tactile quality, just like the paper plane of the logo.


The avatars designs are animals. The reason why animals are good with men- tal health is because of Calming presence which is Even a pet’s presence can do wonders for calming you down. Studies show pet owners have significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate both before and while performing stress- full mental task.


What we wanted to convey through this advertisement was a message of support for users to cheer up even if we had a hard time. It also contains the wish to have freedom of mind and conveys calmness.


Program: Illustrator


program : animate / Illustrator

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