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Raincouver Gelato shop

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Raincouver Gelato is a small gelato house. Their signature character design is a cute droplet character, which consists of four basic charac- ters. And also designed goods based on the character. Goods can be purchased online or directly.This design will make the children happy and exciting not only eating gelato but also choose a character wrap or cup with the gelato. Target audience are children aged 7 to 12.

POINT CARD - OFF LINE This off line point card gave free drink $5 if they have 4 stamps, free one scoop ice cream if they have 8 stamps. This design are available to pick. There will be four design total. This coupon is different with application point card. Application point card is like collecting points for discount like Starbucks, but off line point card is for children. Making more fun to collect the stamps while they can have free stuffs.

MENU BOARD This menu will be hang on the wall. Flavour will be not there more better to people look and choose. Is more fun and interesting.

APP This app is able to order pick- up, order good and customize goods. For the Events will be discount coupons or advertising for the store. Order will only able for pick-up. But, they can choose what character cup or corn wrap they want. Moreover they will have App point card. They can show the bar cord before payment for the point. Point will makes the discount, example, 100 points discount $1. Goods part, they can customize their character and order or they can just order the unaccustomed. The goods will be bag/mug cup/ shirt/ stickers / water bottle. This app can use all ages and even children.

Program: FIGMA

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