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Rei - Original Character

Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Mug cup goods have a stable grip and can be used comfortably by men and

women of all ages with the size of their hands. It is divided into 11 ounces

and 15 ounces in size.

One ounce is about 30ml, Starbucks’ short size is 8 ounces, Tall size is 11

ounces, Grande size is 15 ounces, and Venti size is 20 ounces.

Mug cups will be used to print characters on mugs made with castles.

It will also be made of stone cups. In addition, the glossy surface will be

smooth, clean, refined, and vivid in colour. Furthermore, the painting will

be painted in half (external/internal) and the entire painting, depending on

the character.

Users can freely insert the characters they want to make their mug cup.


Tumbler goods will be made of thermal insulation effects, which stainless

steel and hygienic. The colours are white and black. The primary material

is stainless 304, the lid is P.P and silicone, and the capacity is 500ml.

This tumbler has a large inlet with an inlet of 7.5cm and is maintained for 6

hours at 54 degrees or higher and 4 hours at 10 degrees or lower.

Four characters will help, and users can choose the character they want

and make their tumbler.


Flat canvas pouch goods are made of cotton and have beige and black colours.

The size is 20cm x 13cm. Moreover, it is a form that can be opened and

closed with a zipper. Printing has the disadvantage of being silk printed with

vivid colours and can be erased after a long period. Digital printing is also

possible. Dessert printing lacks clarity, but it has a natural feeling.

This pouch has only one design only.


This set of goods is a limited edition, with 50 products. It can be produced

directly, and there are a total of four colours, black, white, navy, and gray.

This shirt is 100% polyester, is S/M/L/XL in size, and is made for both men

and women in box fit. Furthermore, it is elastic and has a soft texture and a

thin material. Sportswear also maximizes functional materials’ antibacterial,

fragrant, and fast-drying functions. It is also made of short sleeves.

The letter “REI” is written in front of the jumper, and you can put the desired

text or character behind it. Eco-bags cannot be adjusted directly.

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